Automatic Glass Sandblasting Machine Overview

  • By:LiaoDa
  • Date:2022/07/19

Generally Speaking,  Sand blasting machine is used for cleaning and sandblasting glass surfaces. Its powder coated body is strong and durable, and it includes a dust filter. It has filter bags that catch the dust from the sandblasting process and discharge it into an appropriate container. The cabin is made of rubber to prevent damage. The sand blasting machine is operated with the help of a computer system, or it can be operated manually. A sand blasting machine can also provide three automatic and one manual sandblasting guns, which can be changed as the need arises. Traditional glass sandblasting machine uses compressed air force to spray sand at the surface of the glass. Liaoda's horizontal glass sandblasting machine is completely different from this. It does not utilize an air compressor. Instead, the glass moves on a conveyor belt. Whether you want a specific pattern on the glass, you can easily use a horizontal glass sandblasting machine to achieve the results you desire.


The automatic glass sandblasting machine is controlled by a PLC. The machine can process flat glass of three to nine mm thickness. Its dual-motor design allows it to adjust the height and width of glass as needed. This machine also has a high level of efficiency and requires minimal maintenance. It can also be used for different types of glass, such as figures, charts, and surfaces. This sand blasting machine for glass can use the PLC with touch screen, can set sandblasting height, width on the screen and create a frosted surface or deep contours. It also makes other decorative finishes possible. it will create a smooth surface with sharp edges, or a textured surface with a pattern. It's essential to consider the safety and environmental issues that you'll face while using a sandblasting machine for glass. Conventional sand is the most obvious and common option for glass sandblasting machine. However, do not use sand by mistake. Any large debris in the sand, like small stones, can cause a lot of damage to the surface you are working on. They are also very dangerous at high speed. If your center does not have sand specifically for sanding, look for sand for children's sandboxes. 


Sand Blasting Machine

LiaoDa's automatic glass sandblasting machine is an innovative process that eliminates the need for compressed air. Its flat blades accelerate abrasives and travel down at ultra high speeds, impacting the glass surface. The airless blasting process produces a fine blasted surface. it is an ideal choice for processing glass sheet. They can process glass sheets up to 2500mm in width and come with a blasting cabinet, dust collector, and conveyors. The manual sandblasting machine is an alternative for small-scale companies. These machines are not as complex as the automatic sandblasting machines, but they are still more affordable than many other options. Besides, The three parts of a sand blasting machine are: a gun, a container, and an abrasive. The gun is attached to the upper division of the container. The hose carries the sand through the blasting media. Our glass sandblasting machine is a moderately priced and effective piece of equipment that is extremely efficient for removing paint and coatings from glass.


If you need to clean something quickly and efficiently, sandblasting is one of the best ways to do it. Although most often used in commercial applications, sandblasting has a variety of uses around the home. This cleaning method involves ejecting small particles or particles from an air compressor at very high speeds. When these particles hit the surface, all surface debris, such as old paint or rust, is washed away. Regardless of the application, a sandblasting machine can be used for both glass and metal surfaces. A rotary sandblasting machine is a popular choice for engraving and freehand drawings. It is easy to learn and uses a simple system, LiaoDa can also give the technical supports so long as any problems in opearating the sand blasting machine.




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