Basics of Glass Lid Tempering Furnace

  • By:LIaoDa
  • Date:2021/09/24

Glass lid furnaces are also known as glow towers. It is essentially a combination of two rotating heated furnaces which are housed in one unit. One of the units contains a glass case, while the other unit houses the electrical components. The glass case in the furnace allows the glowing gas inside to be exhausted to a larger space, where it can be used to heat up water or air. This process allows for an increased level of efficiency, as well as lower energy usage.


To begin, an electric supply is placed within the bottom of the steel base assembly. An electrical cable leads the wiring from the electric motor up through the steel base to the glass lid tempering furnace unit. Once connected, the wiring is released from the base and runs along a series of metal tubing to the heating section. The heating section is where the gas air is heated and then fed into a special glass powder container, which is located on top of the heating unit. A mixing compartment is next to the glass powder container, where the hot air is mixed with compressed air, before being released into the appropriate atmosphere.


The next stage of the process is similar to that of the rotating blowing furnace. The electrical components are fed into the glass tempering furnace unit, where they undergo heating and cooling. The electrical components are fed into a blowing cylinder, which spins at high speeds, allowing the components to be reheated. As each of the components has heated up, it is then directed back into the mixing compartment.


Glass lid tempering furnaces are typically made in various shapes. They can either be made in a bowl shape, or various shapes depending on how much space is available, which is often determined by the size of the original product. The various shapes are made through a combination of a pot and plate. The pots and plates are heated to temperatures suitable for forming various shapes in the ceramic rollers.


The ceramic rollers are made out of different materials, including stainless steel, and are placed inside of a cavity. These pieces of equipment have different names, depending on their intended use, which can include flower pots, or glass lids used for pot lids. The different shapes will need to fit inside of the pot lids, which will be kept inside the furnace unit. The process uses the energy given off by the heating element to heat up the pot lids, and in turn fuse the ceramic rollers. Once this process is complete, the ceramic rollers will be made into the various shapes, and placed back inside of the appliance.


LiaoDa glass lid tempering furnaces are an important part of a variety of industries. It is used in a wide range of different types of glassware, from the creation of certain types of wine bottles to making the interior design of china. These pieces of equipment are used in businesses that make wine, as well as restaurants, hotels, and other types of businesses. 





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