How Important Glass Cutting Saw Machine For Glass Cutting ?

  • By:LiaoDa
  • Date:2021/12/13

A glass cutting saw machine is essential for glass tube cutting. The blade should be angled towards the user and positioned so that the material is in contact with the bottom or back of the table. The cut should be steady. It is not recommended to freehand the material into the rotating wheel. A self-oiling model is a good choice. The tool features an oil reservoir in the handle and a wick connected to the wheel. During a cut, the wick comes into contact with the blade and the oil flows onto the wheel.


The cutting wheel fractures the surface of the glass, leaving a fissure. The fissure is invisible, but is visible as a continuous band of reflected light. The cutting wheel's speed and force are important factors. The proper amount of force is required to create the fissure without crushing the surface of the glass. Excessive force leaves a white gritty line on the glass, which indicates that the force was too great.


The cutting surface of a glass cutting machine is crucial to the success of the job. As glass cutting machine manufacturer, we have to say a good cutting surface should be smooth and without ridges or holes. The covering material should be thin, and the glass should be positioned properly on the guide points. The cutting wheel should be mounted on a stand or a table to prevent any interference from the table. When cutting glass, ensure that the blade is properly lubricated.


The glass cutter produces a fissure or score line on the surface. The wheel can be adjusted to produce a shallow or deep fissure. If the glass is thin, the cutting wheel can use light pressure to break it, while heavy pressure will produce a deep fissure. If the glass is thick, the wheel can be set at 120-140 degrees or 154-160 degrees. For open-splits, running pliers can be used to hold the split.


The most durable and sharpest glass cutters have durable cutting wheels. The most expensive models will have tungsten carbide wheels, while the less expensive ones will have steel-alloy wheels. In addition to durability, the cutting wheels should be sharp enough to cut through glass. A good tool should have a protective covering to avoid damage to the glass. For safety, it should also have a cushioned surface. This will minimize the risk of injuries.


The cutting tool should be suitable for the size of the glass. A glass cutter that is too heavy to move will be hard to operate. It should also be equipped with a protective cover, ensuring safety. A good quality machine should be ergonomically designed and ergonomically friendly. Once you have found the perfect model, you can practice cutting on scrap pieces to make sure it is the right one for your needs. Then, you can use it for business purposes. Moreover, if you have any questions about our products, Welcome to email us LiaoDa




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