Some Questions About Tempered Glass Furnace

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  • Date:2021/11/09

Whether it is a large glass display case or a glass cell phone screen, tempered glass furnace is a common material to protect products and personnel. Therefore, the quenching process is very important. The tempering furnace uses heat to strengthen and prepare glass for various applications. There are a variety of tempering furnaces, depending on the type of glass and the capacity, volume and size of the manufacturing company.


What Is a Tempering Furnace ?

The quenching furnace is an industrial furnace which uses heating technology. Heat can increase the strength of the finished glass, making it more secure when broken. This piece of equipment is often found in manufacturing and / or glass manufacturing facilities.


How Is Tempered Glass Made ?

In order to temper the glass, the tempering furnace heats the glass to an extremely high temperature, usually above 600 degrees Celsius. Then, using air jets, the furnace cools the glass evenly and quickly. The rapid cooling process is called quenching. During the tempering process, the glass undergoes extreme compression and gains resistance to impact and thermal shock.


The heating and cooling processes that occur during the tempering process increase the strength of the glass and reduce the risk of cracking or shattering. However, if the tempered glass does break, it will shatter into several small pieces with spherical edges instead of large, sharp pieces. This reduces the risk of serious injury.


What Is Tempered Glass Furnace Machine ?

Tempered glass furnace machine is a safer product than other types of glass, it is hardened or strengthened by a controlled heat treatment process. Therefore, sometimes you can hear tempered glass called safety glass or tempered glass. The glass treated by the tempering furnace is not only stronger and safer, but also easier to bend. Some common applications of tempered glass include ovens, coffee machines, computer and phone screens, and shower windows and doors, to name a few.


Why Use Auto Glass Tempering Furnace ?

Auto glass tempering furnace has more advantages than standard glass. Glass tempering furnace and tempering process make tempered glass stronger and safer than standard glass. This reduces the risk of glass breakage, or if the glass does break, also reduces the risk of injury. Broken tempered glass is easier to clean than standard broken glass. Besides being safer and stronger, tempered glass has also been found to be more resistant to scratches, damage and heat. Due to its higher tensile strength, tempered glass is considered bulletproof and stormproof, making it ideal for applications such as storefront systems or doors and windows. commercial and residential.




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