The Process of Glass Strengthening From Annealing To Tempering Glass

  • By:LiaoDA
  • Date:2021-07-29

Annealing – During Initial Manufacturing

When glass undergoes the annealing process, it is slowly cooling the warm glass to relieve inside stress as soon as it has been formed. Annealing glass makes it extra durable. Glass which has now not gone through the annealing procedure is prone to cracking or shattering when subjected to particularly small temperature modifications or mechanical shock. It can also in reality preserve many of the thermal stresses brought on with the aid of quenching (i.e. warmness treating) and extensively limit the common power of the glass.


During the manufacturing procedure the glass is heated till the temperature reaches the annealing factor which is the stress comfort factor glass reaches all through the cool down phase. At this point, the glass is too company to distort or bend however stays smooth ample for any constructed up stresses to relax. Soaking or keeping the piece of glass at this temperature helps to even out the temperature all through the piece of glass. The time required for this soak or preserving motion can differ relying on the mass and kind of glass. Once this factor has reached and the preserve time has been accomplished, the annealed glass is slowly cooled via the pressure point. Following this process, the glass can cautiously be cooled till it reaches room temperature.


Tempered Glass – Strengthening a Finished Piece of Glass


When glass is tempered in glass tempering furnace , it goes thru a thermally managed toughening manner to expand its power in contrast with ordinary or traditional glass. The method of glass tempering furnace places the outer surfaces of the glass into compression and the internal surfaces of the glass into tension. This stress motives the glass when damaged to fall apart into small granular chunks vs. jagged shards preventing viable injury. Annealed glass which has now not been warmth tempered, if damaged will no longer smash into the “safety” chunks or dices, however will in truth smash into jagged shards.


Tempered glass is viewed to be protection glass and is used for functions such as vehicle windshields, bathe doors, glass tables and doorways and more. 




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