What Is Round Glass Cutting Machine ?

  • By:LiaoDa
  • Date:2021/12/07

A round glass cutting machine is an indispensable machine for glass processing. The machine has a stepper motor with Omron PLC controller and a touch screen input to operate. It can adjust the speed and acceleration, rotational angle and time delay automatically. The use of a round glass cutter can save the labor intensity of glass cutting. It can be used to cut everyday necessities like glasses and mirrors. It can also cut automotive rear view mirrors.


A good glass cutting machine should be easy to use. It should have an oversized, easily-read compass. The scale can be adjusted for the diameter of a circle. The vacuum base and tungsten carbide cutter wheels make the work easier and more accurate. The glass cutting machine should also have a longer shelf life and have a 24 hour technical support. It should also have a warranty. If you need to return the machine, you can get a refund.


Today, glass cutting machines can cut materials in curves and straight lines, move and break glass as needed, and can also drill perfect holes. These machines can not only cut glass of different thickness, but can also be used with triple composite material, a new material modeled on laminated glass, which is compressed into a strong blade by heating.


The automatic glass cutting machine has broad development prospects in the production line with its unmanned operation and higher efficiency. Although many industries still use manual and semi-automatic machines, once fully automatic machines are noticed and popularized, they will soon appear in the industry. If you want your business to outdo itself in terms of performance and efficiency, choosing the right machine is very important.


Although the automatic glass cutting machine price is expensive, its advantages and capabilities are undeniable. But for small businesses, manual and semi-automatic machines are considered better choices due to cost factors and the quantity required for production and processing. Therefore, in the current industry scenario, it is better to choose a machine that suits your industry and budget.




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