Double Chamber Flat Glass Tempering Machine

Double Chamber Flat Glass Tempering Machine

Glass Flat Tempering Furnace double chamber start production

On May of 2021 our glass flat tempering furnace (double chamber) in YangChun city of China finished its installation and operation trainning, putting on production.

Double chamber glass tempering machine is sutiable for large prodcutively requirement. It is characterized of high efficiency, high productivity and can save electricity. Our product’s productivity is twice higher than that of other ordinary machines.

There are different kinds of tempering machines in different size suitable for various products such as architecture, household appliance, house decorations, bathroom, automobile, trains, ships etc.

What’s more, we can make bending tempering machine according to customer requirment to produce bending glass suitble for products such as curtain wall, furniture, shower room door, show room and sightseeing evelator, etc.

Welcome to contact us if you are inetersted in those kinds of machinery!

LAD Glass Tempering Machine

LAD Glass Tempering Machine

LAD Glass Tempering Machine

Tempered Glass

Model YD-F-1225 YD-F-1540 YD-F-2036 YD-F-2436 YD-F-2442 YD-F-2450 YD-F-2860 YD-F-3380
Max. Glass Size (mm) 1200×2500 1500×4000 2000×3600 2400×3600 2400×4200 2400×5000 2800×6000 3300×8000
Min. Glass Size (mm) 100×150 100×190 100×240 100×240 100×240 100×240 200×300 200×400
Glass Thickness (mm) 4~19 4~19 4~19 4~19 4~19 4~19 4~19 5~19
Productivity-5mm (sqm/h) 45 76.5 91.8 113.8 130.6 155.5 214.2 297
Heating Power (kw) 180 360 439 536 589 732 1092 1584
Blower Power (kw) 75 165 200 305 325 340 445 235
Total Length (m) 13.5 20 19.7 19.7 21 24 28 35




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