CNC Glass Cutting Machine Production Line YD-CTL

CNC Glass Cutting Machine Production Line YD-CTL

The line consists of the following three parts

Glass automatic loading machine: This automated system is specifically designed to load glass sheets onto the cutting line. The precision and speed of the loading machine ensure a smooth transition to subsequent processing steps, providing the basis for accurate, consistent glass cutting.


Glass CNC cutting table: Driven by computer numerical control (CNC) technology, this machine executes intricate cut designs with unparalleled precision. It seamlessly transforms digital blueprints into tangible results, allowing for complex shapes and patterns to be cut flawlessly from glass sheets.


Glass breaking table: The final part of the line, the glass breaking table provides a controlled environment for separating the cut glass pieces. To prevent breakage during this process, the breaking table has been carefully designed to ensure a smooth transition from cutting to final processing.

Advantages of CNC glass cutting machine production line

Increase Production Efficiency
The CNC glass cutting machine production line effectively enhances production efficiency through automatic loading machines and high-precision CNC cutting machines. The automatic loading machine quickly loads glass sheets, reducing the time and labor of manual operation. The CNC glass cutting machine uses advanced technology to perform cutting tasks quickly and accurately, which further improves the production speed and reduces the production cycle.


Precise Cutting Quality
The CNC glass cutting machine production line can achieve highly precise cutting through CNC cutting technology, ensuring that each glass sheet is accurately cut according to design specifications. Whether it is complex shapes or fine details, they can be accurately cut, providing consistent cut quality.


Diversified Application Fields
The flexibility of the CNC glass cutting machine production line enables it to adapt to diverse applications in various fields. From large glass components in the construction industry to fine glass cutting for art pieces, all can be achieved on the same production line. This diversity allows the production line to cater to the needs of different industries and customers, providing cutting solutions for a variety of applications.

CNC Glass Cutting Machine Production Line YD-CTL-series

CNC Glass Cutting Machine Production Line YD-CTL-series

Type YD-CTL-3628
Max. glass size 3660*2800mm
Cutting precision 0.3mm
Min. cutting size 100*100mm
Glass thickness 3-19mm
Working table height 900mm
Cutting table dimension 19000*5500*1500mm
Weight 8000KG




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